Monday Morning group having a well earned break

Photo: The Monday morning group having a well earned break!

Wimborne in Bloom is a completely voluntary organisation run by a small committee. Over the year our time is divided between organising the planting and ongoing maintenance of floral displays around the town, raising funds to pay for the displays and entering Regional and National In Bloom competitions to promote the town's attractiveness to a wider audience.

We need to raise around £20,000 a year to provide the plants, planters and hanging baskets. The money raised also funds contracts with local firms to undertake the planting and maintenance of some 100 planters around the town, along with the watering of all planters and almost 140 hanging baskets.

Keeping the town attractive and tidy is a year round activity.

How you can help ...

The easiest task - requires minimal effort, no need to sign-up, no long term commitment - is to help any discarded can, bottle or wrapper find its proper final resting place in a suitable waste or recycling bin. On any given day it only has to be one discarded item per person per trip into town, that's it!

If you can help for a few hours, maybe one or two times per year, there are several tasks involved in making each of the fund raising and maintenance events run smoothly. These range from helping get the Allendale hall ready for Quiz Night, fishing plastic ducks out of the river, to putting up and taking down the hanging baskets.

A small group are out most Mondays, keeping weeds, leaves and brambles at bay.

If you feel that you can spare a few hours, contact the Chairman Richard Nunn, who will be only to happy to find a task that suits your wants!

We are always open to suggestions for improvements and new projects, if you have something in mind - let us know.

And finally - You are always welcome at any of the fund raising events held throughout the year, your continued support at these events is what makes the whole enterprise possible.

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