2013 Gardens Open

Around 450 people enjoyed this years Open Gardens Day held in aid of Wimborne in Bloom on Sunday 23rd June. Despite the weather remaining dry, just, there was a cool and gusty wind hardly like one day before Midsummer's Day.

Chris Hooker shows visitors around his garden at 11c Oakley Hill (new this year) ...

This year there were 5 new gardens and 3 returning from earlier years amongst the total of 19 open. Lunches were available at the Physick Garden and teas were on hand at a number of venues.

... visitors enjoying the garden at Wits End Corner ...

Visitors came from near and far and there were many favourable comments about how the gardens were much enjoyed. There was such a variety, from the small to the large and from the new to the well established.

... another new one this year...Richard and Doreen Watson's at 32 Oakley Hill ...

Richard Nunn, Chairman of Wimborne in Bloom speaking after the event thanked all those who had opened their gardens, for the time they had spent on preparing them and for the welcome they had given to so many visitors. He also thanked all those who helped, especially those who served lunches and teas.

... Visitors enjoying the garden at Lawn House, Rowlands Hill

A total of around £2,700 was raised towards this years in Bloom Campaign.