2020 Wine and Wisdom Scores Again

Quiz Evening - Full House

The 27th Annual Wimborne in Bloom Wine & Wisdom Quiz took place in the Allendale Centre on Friday 6th March. It was an enjoyable evening with a good atmosphere throughout as the 31 teams present competed against each other to try and reach the top spot. The end results produced a number of teams tying for the different positions on the leader board including those at the top and bottom. Tie break questions were used to settle both positions.

Town Meets Country

For the team propping up the rest the tie break was between Percy House and Town Meets Country with the latter losing to be placed 31st. They did however win a tube of Mini Chocolate Eggs each.

For the top place the tie break was between Oakdale Oaks and the Wimborne Civic Society and here the Oakdale Oaks triumphed to win the top spot and the Eco Composting Shield together with a bottle of red wine for each member of the Team.

Oakdale Oaks

Photo: The winning Team 'Oakdale Oaks' with the Eco-Composting Shield and their bottles of red wine (from the left) Val Ingram, Richard Yeoman, Jill Norman, Richard Nunn, Chairman of Wimborne in Bloom, Georgina McGregor, Sandra Yeoman and Alex McGregor.

The raffle raised a staggering £500 to contribute to the total raised for the evening of approximately £1,800 - again boosted by the Barclays Bank Matched Fundraising within their work in the community programme.

Wimborne in Bloom thanks all who supported the event by participating, helping with the running or who generously donated prizes for the raffle. The funds raised make an excellent contribution to the cost of providing the floral displays in the Town for all to enjoy.

And next year’s Quiz Evening will take place on Friday 5th March 2021 so book the date in your diaries now!

The Results

Rank Team                   Score
1   Oakdale Oaks               70
2   Wimborne Civic Society     70
3   Does Grey Matter           69
3   RBL Poppies                69
3   Wimborne/Valognes Twinning 69
6   Allendale Bridge Club      68
7   Flower Power               67
7   Phoenix                    67
7   The Minster Churchmice     67
10  The Snapdragons            66
11  Saga Louts                 65
12  Priests House Museum       64
13  Brownsea Islanders         63
13  Wimborne War on Waste      63
15  Order of the Silent Dog    59
15  Avenue Road Geniuses       59
15  Wimborne Evening WI        59
18  Dorset Strollers           58
19  The Trusty Six             57
19  The Quizzical Whimsicals   57
21  Wimborne U 3 A             56
22  The Wimborne Arts Society  53
22  The Legionnaires           53
22  Larks and  Owls            53
25  Wimborne Rotary Club       50
26  The Hanging Basket Cases   49
26  The Golden Girls           49
26  Early Birds                49
29  Late Bloomers              47
30  Town Meets Country         46
30  Percy House                46