2024 Wine & Wisdom Quiz

Quiz Night

The 30th Annual Wimborne in Bloom Wine and Wisdom Quiz Evening took place on the evening of Leap Years Day Thursday 29th February in the Allendale Centre, Wimborne Minster. The main hall accommodated a full turnout of 28 Teams all set to pit their wits against each other in an attempt to win the coveted Eco Composting Shield.

There were eight rounds of questions on a variety of subjects including Raining Cats and Dogs, Phobias, Dorset Knowledge and General Knowledge. A break after four rounds and Teams enjoyed a shared platter of food whilst answering a fun picture round of questions entitled ‘Name the Flower’.

After a hard fought ‘battle’ there was a tie for first place between last year’s winners Phoenix Dorset and the Wimborne Civic Society. Answering the Tie Break question first was Phoenix Dorset who were declared the winners and so received the Eco Composting Trophy. Each member of the Team also received a bottle of red wine. In third place was a Team from the Minster with the title Does Grey Matter. Propping up the rest of the Teams was one going under the name of The Coffin Dodgers each member receiving a mini chocolate egg.


Photo: The Winning Team: Phoenix Dorset each member holding their prize of a bottle of red wine (from the left) Helen Cooper, Jane Whitlock, Julia Glassborow, holding the Eco Composting Trophy, Ken Sexton, Barbara Walker and Rosemary Chinchen with Richard Nunn, Chairman Wimborne in Bloom,(on the right) and John Allen, Committee Member of Wimborne in Bloom who co-ordinated the evening (partly hidden on the left)

Although the final total raised from the evening is not available at the time of writing the Raffle which had some good prizes including Vouchers to be spent at a Hall and Woodhouse venue donated by O'Haras Funeral Service, raised £522.

The Coffin Dodgers

Photo: The Team propping up the rest: The Coffin Dodgers with their prize of Mini Cholate Eggs presented by John Allen, Committee Member of Wimborne in Bloom who co-ordinated the event.

Judging by the amount of comments from people as they left the Allendale Centre and also received since the evening it was obvious that those present had enjoyed the evening and that there had been a good atmosphere throughout the event.

The scores at the end of the evening (with a tie-breaker finish) were:

1    Phoenix Dorset  (tie-break winner) 66
1    Wimborne Civic Society             66
3    Does Grey Matter                   62
4    The Trusty Six                     61
4    Allendale Bridge Club              61
4    Museum of East Dorset              61
7    Flower Power                       60
8    The Wrong Sort of People           59
9    Early Birds                        57
9    Planet Wimborne - War              57
9    Julian's Jokers                    57
12   Minster Minds                      55
12   Wimb/Valognes Twinning Assoc B     55
14   Wimb/Valognes Twinning Assoc A     54
15   Thoughts Aloud                     53
16   Merley Evening TG                  52
17   Brownsea Islanders                 51
17   The Quizzical Whimsicals           51
19   The Kort of Hibblesvania in Excile 50
19   The Legionnaires                   50
19   Wimborne Drama Productions         50
22   Dorset Strollers                   49
22   Planet Wimborne - Wild             49
24   Parish without a cause             48
25   Friends United                     46
26   Wimborne Rotary Club               45
27   Wimborne Evening WI                44
28   The Coffin Dodgers                 38