Competition Results 2007

  1. Best Shop Window Display depicting a gardening theme

    1st – TWC Fair Traders, 1 Cornmarket Court, (Joan Kirkbright)
    2nd – Wimborne Hardware, 38 High Street, (Richard Edwards)
    3rd – Present Company, 4 High Street (Angela Hudson)

    Sponsored by Wimborne Minster Chamber of Trade
  2. Best Display of hanging or wall baskets, tubs or containers (Business Premises)

    1st – Bistro at the Mill, Walford Mill Craft Centre, Stone Lane (Terry Fuller)
    2nd – Minster Hairstylists, 2 East Borough (Eileen Worth)
    3rd – Tourist Information Centre, 29 High Street (Rosemary McDonald)

    Sponsored by Canford Crafts Gallery
  3. Best Small Retail Business (Shop) – Overall Display

    1st – Wimborne Hardware, 38 High Street (Richard Edwards)
    2nd – Walford Mill Crafts, Stone Lane (Christine Lawry)

    Sponsored by The Rising Sun
  4. Best Display of hanging or wall baskets, tubs or containers (Residential/Nursing Homes)

    1st – Shamrock Court, Stevensons Close
    2nd – Charles Keightley Court (Flats 12-25, Block 2), Hardy Crescent
    3rd – Charles Keightley Court - (Flats 1-10, Block 1), Hardy Crescent

    Sponsored by East Boro Housing Trust
  5. Best Display of hanging or wall baskets, tubs or containers (Private dwelling)

    1st – Mr. and Mrs. E.W.Walters
    2nd – Mrs. June Bealing
    3rd – Miss Sheila Denham

    Sponsored by Joy Stride
  6. Best Group of Houses with gardens

    1st – East Boro Housing Trust, Flats 9 12, Bartley Court, 71 East Borough
    2nd – Caterstone, Chapel Lane,

    Sponsored by East Boro Housing Trust
  7. Best Group of Houses – frontage only

    1st – Chapel Lane Nos 1 14
    2nd – East Boro Housing Trust, Flats 51 59b and 61 69b, 71 East Borough
    3rd – Trumpeters Court, West Street

  8. Best Garden – open to the public where an entrance fee is paid

    1st – Wimborne Model Town and Gardens, 16 King Street (Stuart Beavan)
    2nd – The Priest's House Museum and Gardens, 23-27 High Street (Emma Ayling)
    3rd – Serles House' 47 Victoria Road, (Ian Willis)

    Trophy sponsored by Councillor and Mrs. Robin Cook, Town Mayor and Mayoress 2006-2007
  9. Best Public House – overall outside display (within town boundary)

    1st – The Green Man, Victoria Road, (Andrew Kiff and Margaret Kiff )
    2nd – The Rising Sun, East Street (Ron Currall and Jo Archer)
    3rd – The Albion, High Street, (Annmarie McCarthy)

    Sponsored by The Daily Echo
  10. Best Public House – overall outside display (Country district within 3 miles of town centre)

    1stThe Stocks Inn, Furzehill,

    Sponsored by Stewarts Nurseries
  11. Best Hotel, guest house or restaurant – overall outside display

    1st – The Albion, High Street, (Annmarie McCarthy)
    2nd – The Kings Head, The Square, (Adam Fagg)
    3rd – Bistro at the Mill, Walford Mill, (Terry Fuller)

    Trophy sponsored by Image of Wimborne
  12. Best garage forecourt display

    1st – Tice Garage, Walford Bridge. (Miranda Townsend)
  13. Best church / churchyard / memorial garden

    1st – United Reformed Church, Chapel Lane. (Roy Waring)
    2nd – The Minster Church of St. Cuthburga, High Street (Christine Oliver)

  14. Best school gardens or grounds

    1st – Wimborne First School, School Lane, (Kate Curtis)
    2nd – St. John's First School, St. John's Hill, (Chris Mahon)
    3rd – Allenbourn Middle School, East Borough. (Gordon Macrae)

    Sponsored by Anthony & Christine Oliver
  15. Best garden visible from the road (to be nominated by the town postmen/postwomen)

    1st – Richard and Beatrice Dopita
    2nd – Ian Willis
    3rd – Christina Owen

    Sponsored by The Royal Mail
  16. (a) Best annual garden visible from the road (own nomination)

    1st – June Bealing
    2nd – Bruce Evans
    3rd – George and Pamela Hook
    Highly Commended Elsie Fanner

    (b) Best perennial garden visible from the road (own nomination)

    1st – Pam Shrubb
    2nd – Geof and Jill Haywood
    3rd (joint) – Richard and Beatrice Dopita
    3rd (joint) – Alexandra Horitz

    Sponsored by Wimborne Town Lodge of Moose International, in memory of Alec Moore
  17. Best New Entry Private Front Garden

    1st – June Bealing
    2nd – Christine Mineur
    3rd – James Bullock and Joanna Bury

    Sponsored by The Residents of Coppercourt Leaze
  18. Best patio / balcony visible from the road

    1st – Sheila Denham

    Sponsored by Reg and Eleanor Dunningham
  19. Best back garden

    1st – Christine Mineur
    2nd – Ian Willis
    3rd – Richard and Beatrice Dopita
    Highly Commended John and Carol Greening

    Sponsored by Councillor Mrs Ivy Ellis, Town Mayor 2002-2003
  20. Best use of space around apartment block

    1st – Charles Keightley Court, Blocks 1 and 2, Hardy Crescent,
    2nd (joint) – Moray Court, Redcotts Lane,
    2nd (joint) – Shamrock Court, Stevensons Close
    Highly Commended Saville Court, 75 Poole Road

    Sponsored by East Boro Housing Trust
  21. Best allotment

    1st – John Wright, Plots 117-118 Cuthbury Allotments,
    2nd – Ronald and Helen Powell, Plot 7 St. Catherines
    3rd (joint) – Maurice Bealing, Plot 7 Julians Road
    3rd (joint) – Alison Watkins, Plot 35 Cuthbury Allotments,

    Sponsored by Brian & Val Baker
  22. Largest hanging basket

    Model Town and Gardens, King Street ( Stuart Beavan)

    Sponsored by Little Banks Nursery
  23. Best planted display in artistic container

    1st – 'The Stocks and The Cycle', Police Station, Hanham Road, (PC 61 Jane Brittain)
    2nd – 'Telephone Box', The Green Man, Victoria Road, (Andrew Kiff and Margaret Kiff)

    Sponsored by Wimborne Evening Decorative & Fine Arts Society
  24. Best bank / Building society – overall display

    1st – HSBC Bank, The Square (Karen Wyatt)
    2nd (joint) – National Westminster Bank, West Borough, (Andrea Miller)
    2nd (joint) – Barclays Bank, The Square.

  25. Emergency services – overall display

    1st – Police Station, Hanham Road, (PC 61 Jane Brittain)
    2nd – Ambulance Station, Hanham Road
    3rd – Fire Station, Allenview Road

    Sponsored by Quarter Jack Jewellers
  26. Best garden surrounding town sign

    1st – The Tree Stump, Station Road, (Keith and Carol Bartlett)
    2nd – Victoria Road, (Derek & Stella Foote and David & Gillian Swain)
    3rd – Leigh Road (Ralph Wyatt)

    Sponsored by The Millenium Mayor, Councillor Mrs Diann March

    The Tivoli Theatre, West Borough.


Poetry Competition Results 2007

Budding Poets have again responded to the Poetry Competition organised by Wimborne in Bloom -it attracted 20 entries in the Adult Section and, for the first time over 60 entries in the Junior Section. It was open to all residents and those from the surrounding area connected through schools and local organisations.

Councillor John Perry, Wimborne Minster Town Mayor 2005-2006 and this years Deputy Mayor proposed and sponsored the competition for the first time last year. This year he has generously sponsored the competition once again and he was very pleased with the response, particularly with the Junior Section. Last year there were no entries in this section but this year 67 were received from Wimborne First School. "The quality of the work produced was again of a very high standard giving the judges a difficult task in selecting the winners," said Cllr. Perry. He hoped the competition would continue to grow as it encourages more people in the community to become involved in the 'In Bloom' Campaign.

The winners were:

Adult Section: Junior Section:  

Art Competition Results 2007

For the fourth successive year Wimborne in Bloom organised an Adult Painting Competition in addition to its Schools Painting Competition, which has been organised since Wimborne in Bloom started 15 years ago.

The title for the Adult Competition was 'Bloomin'Wild', following the theme of Britain in Bloom and for the Schools 'People, Places and Public Spaces in Wimborne'. The Adult Competition produced over 20 entries whilst over 60 were received from the schools. The Competition was co-ordinated by Wimborne in Bloom Schools Co-ordinator Elizabeth Colwill. The Adult Competition was judged by Yahu Slocock, an Artist, who works at the Minster Press and John Batchelor, the world renowned illustrator, who has also illustrated stamps for over 40 countries. The Schools Competition was judged by the Mayor and Mayoress and Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayoress of Wimborne Minster.

The results of the Adults Competition were as follows:-

The Schools Competition results were as follows:-

Class R (Reception)

1stIona Berrie
2ndAmelia Johnson
3rd equalCallum Stephens
3rd equalFreddie Bowes

Group 1

1stElla Davies
2ndSophie Jenkinson
3rdDan East
Highly CommendedJoshua David

Group 2

1stEllie Swindlehurst
2ndJoshua Baldwin
3rdBen Portwood
Highly CommendedIndia Doyle

Group 3

No entries

Group 4

1stDaisy Symes
2ndRose Drake
3rdStephanie Howell
Highly CommendedSamantha Oxford, Laura Rogers

Dumbleton Shield Results 2007

The Dumbleton Shield, presented to Wimborne in Bloom four years ago by Mr and Mrs Dumbleton when they retired from their business in The Square has been presented to the winner this year Mrs Irene Buckingham of Allenview Road, Wimborne Minster. The Shield originally presented annually for the Best Display of Daffodils in a Wimborne Minster Town Garden has this year, with the approval of the donors, been broadened to the 'Best Spring Garden'.

Anthony Oliver, Chairman of Wimborne in Bloom speaking after the presentation of the Shield said "Although we had one more entry than last year, the Judges, as they went round the Town saw quite a number of gardens which could easily have been entered but for whatever reason they had not been entered into the Competition. Furthermore the calibre of those, which did enter, was high and there was certainly very strong competition for first place." Just beaten into second place was Bruce Evans Leigh Road with a joint third of Wendy Fraser, Ashdene Close and Edward and Mavis Walters, Gordon Road.

1stIrene Buckingham Allenview Road
2ndBruce EvansLeigh Road
Joint 3rdWendy FraserAshdene Close
Joint 3rdMavis WaltersGordon Road

Dumbleton Shield Winner 2007 - Mrs Irene Buckingham

Mrs Irene Buckingham with Wimborne in Bloom Chairman Anthony Oliver (l) and new Committee Member John Hare-Brown (r).