Competition Results 2013

Judged by local organisations 22nd - 27th July 2013. Presentation of prizes - Saturday 21st September 2013 at Allenbourn Middle school, East Borough, Wimborne Minster.

Once again the Prizegiving was split into two events, the first for all the Schools involved with the Junior Sections of the Art and Poetry Competitions and secondly for the Adults, again in the Art and Poetry Competitions and also the Main Wimborne in Bloom Competition. The Chairman of Wimborne in Bloom, Richard Nunn presented the prizes for the Junior Sections with the Mayor, Cllr. Andy Hampton, hot foot from another engagement, presenting the prizes to the Adults. Local Nurseries and Garden Centres around the area provided garden vouchers to be spent at their centres for the Main Competition with Wimborne in Bloom providing prizes for the winners in the Junior Art and Poetry Competitions. Mrs Pam Perry continued her support by sponsoring the Adult Poetry Competition which her late husband Cllr John Perry sponsored when he was Town Mayor.

Wimborne in Bloom Junior Prizewinners

Wimborne in Bloom Junior Prizewinners in the Art and Poetry Competitions with Richard Nunn, Chairman, Wimborne in Bloom and Committee Member Susie Gatrell who co-ordinated the competitions

All prizewinners received a Certificate, these kindly produced and donated by Moose International, Wimborne Town Lodge with special thanks to Michael Randall for preparing them all. The main competition winners also received Trophies in the different categories. Grateful thanks were also expressed to Moose International for their recent £600 donation towards the cost of new planters.

Wimborne in Bloom Adult winners

Wimborne in Bloom Adult winners in the Main Competition including the Art and Poetry with the Mayor Cllr. Andy Hampton, Richard Nunn, Chairman, Wimborne in Bloom and Committee Member Mary Allen (far right partly hidden in second row)

There were two surprise items at the end of the prizegiving. The Sam and Joe's Challenge Bowl was awarded to the Green Man in recognition of all their support of the 'In Bloom' Campaign. The Civic Pride Shield was presented to Christine Oliver for all the support she continues to give Wimborne in Bloom much of it now in the background.

1a. Window Display to interpret 'Gold at Rainbows End' (Trophy presented by Wimborne Minster Chamber of Trade)
1 Present Company
2 Tourist Information Centre
3 The Walnut Tree
1b. Overall Outside Display (Trophy presented by The Rising Sun)
1 Doris and Daisy
2a. Business Premises, including Residential/Nursing Homes (managed premises) (Trophy presented by Canford Crafts Gallery)
=1 Green Man
=1 The Rising Sun
3 Tourist Information Centre
2b. Private Dwelling (Trophy presented by Joy Stride)
1 Karen Sherman
2 Peter Sargeant
3 Graham Taylor
3. BEST NEIGHBOURHOOD (GROUP OF HOUSES) (Trophy presented by East Boro Housing Trust)
1 'Blake', Avenue Road
2 Riverbank Gardens
4. BEST GARDEN OPEN TO THE PUBLIC WHERE AN ENTRANCE FEE IS PAID (Trophy presented by Cllr & Mrs Robin Cook Town Mayor & Mayoress 2006-2007)
1 Priest's House Museum & Garden
2 Wimborne Model Town
5a. Within Town Boundary (Trophy presented by The Daily Echo)
1 The Green Man
2 The Rising Sun
3 The Cricketers Arms
5b. Country District Within 3 Miles of Town (Trophy presented by Stewarts Nurseries)
1 The Barely Mow
1 No. 9 West Borough
2 The Laughing Pot, West Borough
7. BEST CHURCH / CHURCHYARD / MEMORIAL GARDEN (Trophy presented by Ruth Blaug)
1 Wimborne United Reform Church
2 The Minster Church of St. Cuthburga
3 Elim Pentecostal Church
8. BEST SCHOOL GARDENS OR GROUNDS (Trophy presented by Anthony & Christine Oliver)
1 Wimborne First School
2 St John's First School
9. BEST PATIO / BALCONY VISIBLE FROM THE ROAD (Trophy presented by Reg & Eleanor Dunningham)
1 3 Helic House, Allenview Road (Robin Hutchings)
10a. Annual Garden - Own nomination (Trophy presented by Wimborne Town Lodge of Moose International, in memory of Alec Moore)
=1 Garry Hutchings
=1 Peter Sargeant
3 Helen Davis
10b. Perennial Garden - Own nomination (Trophy presented by Wimborne Town Lodge of Moose International)
1 Dorothy Thomas
=2 Karen Sherman
=2 Geoff & Jill Haywood
=2 Anthony Hannam
10c. To be Nominated by the Town Postpersons (Trophy presented by The Royal Mail)
1 Anthony Hannam
2 Mrs Biles
3 Mr Rolfe
10d. New Entry - Own nomination (Trophy presented by the Residents of Coppercourt Leaze)
1 Julia Cornborough
2 Janet Beck
3 Dorothy Thomas
11. BEST BACK GARDEN (Trophy presented by Councillor Mrs. Ivy Ellis - Town Mayor 2002 - 2003)
1 Richard Sands
2 Karen Sherman
3 Julia Cornborough
12. BEST USE OF SPACE AROUND AN APARTMENT BLOCK (Trophy presented by East Boro Housing Trust)
1 Millbank House
2 Moray Court
13. BEST HANGING BASKET PRIVATE DWELLING (Trophy presented by Little Banks Nursery)
1 Karen Sherman
2 Graham Taylor
3 Judith McConnell
14. BEST PLANTED DISPLAY IN ARTISTIC CONTAINER (Trophy presented by Wimborne Evening Decorative & Fine Arts Society)
1 June Bealing
15. BEST GARDEN SURROUNDING TOWN SIGN (Trophy presented by Millennium Mayor Cllr. Mrs Diann March)
1 Cranborne Road (National Trust)
2 Leigh Road (Ralph Wyatt)
3 Julians Road (National Trust)


The Adult and Schools Competitions for Art and Poetry have again proved very popular. Almost 600 entries were received for the Schools Art and U18 Poetry Competitions! As an integral part of the 2013 Wimborne in Bloom Campaign the full results are shown below. Wimborne in Bloom thanks the participating schools for their ongoing support and Mrs Pam Perry who again kindly sponsored the Poetry Competition. The theme for both competitions this year was "Gold at Rainbows End" with inevitably interesting interpretations and colourful entries resulting!

Wimborne in
Bloom Art and Poetry Competition winners (who were able to attend the photocall)

Art Competition

Adult category
1Copper Hastings-Ison
2Anne Gooch

In the Schools Art Competition, judged by the Mayor and Mayoress of Wimborne Minster Cllr. Andrew Hampton and Mrs Amelia Hampton, five local schools participated submitting over 350 entries and the following were selected:

1Emily Jenvey
2Emily Foster
3Nina Hicks
Years 1 & 2
1Edward Tighe
2Florence Booth
3Molly Cheese
HCNancie Bowes, Natalie Harper
Years 3 & 4
1Charlotte Piper -
2Louise Green
3Holly de la Haye
HCJed Moran, Harley Richardson, Hannah Wilkinson
Years 5 & 6
1Lucy Tozer
2Lucy Coulson
Years 9, 10&11
1Alexandra Green
2Rebecca Rae

Poetry Competition

Adult category
1Ruth Blaug
2Saskia Stephenson
3Ruth Lewis
1Verity Leat
2Jack Barnes
3George Butcher
HCTigerlilly Young
1Alice Hawker
2Lois Payne
3Tilly Vadgama
HCTanjina Begum, Tom Morrison, Savannah Pinchen, Orla Price

Prizes will be presented at the Wimborne in Bloom Prize-giving, to be held at Allenbourn Middle School, East Borough, Wimborne Minster, on Saturday 21st September 2013 at 2.30pm for Children and 3.30pm for Adults together with winners in all other categories of the 2013 Campaign.

The Schools Art entries are on display in Wimborne Library, Crown Mead and the Adult paintings in the Childrens Corner, The Minster, both until 13th July.

Wimborne in Bloom wish to thank all entrants for the high standard of their work and for supporting these competitions which, together with the support of sponsors, has made the competitions so successful in confirming the talent of Wimborne's artists and poets.

Spring Garden Competition (2013)

There are signs that Spring is on the way and some of the early daffodils have been out for a little while. It is time therefore for Wimborne in Bloom's Annual Spring Garden Competition. Broadened from its original concept of Best Display of Daffodils it now includes all Spring Flowers in the Best Spring Garden.

The Dumbleton Shield, presented to Wimborne in Bloom ten years ago by Mr and Mrs Dumbleton when they retired from their business in The Square has been presented to this year's winners Mr. & Mrs Brian and Christine Barraclough of Culverhayes Road, Wimborne. The Shield originally presented annually for the Best Display of Daffodils in a Wimborne Minster Town Garden has now been broadened, with the approval of the donors, to the 'Best Spring Garden'.

Winners 2013:

1. Mr.Barraclough - 1 Culverhayes Road

2. ( Joint ) Sue Hatherley - 1 Retreat Road, and Pat Polden - 14 Cuthbury Gardens

Peter and Susan Hatherley of Retreat Road and Pat Polden of Cuthbury Gardens came joint second. "We only had a small number of entries this year, not surprisingly when you consider the adverse weather which we had during the earlier part of this year," said Mary Allen, committee member of Wimborne in Bloom who co-ordinated this years competition. "The Judges based their criteria on the variety of spring flowers in the garden, the overall appearance and the layout and neatness of the garden"

Richard Nunn, Chairman, Wimborne in Bloom, Brian Barraclough, with the winning trophy and Mary Allen

Picture shows (from the left): Richard Nunn, Chairman, Wimborne in Bloom, Brian Barraclough, with the winning trophy and Mary Allen.