Competition Results 2014

Hot on the heels of the Regional Awards Ceremony when Wimborne had been proclaimed the Small Town Winners with a Gold Award, Wimborne in Bloom's own Prizegiving took place on Saturday at Allenbourn Middle School. Those gathered were delighted when the news was announced and grateful thanks was expressed to all those who had helped Wimborne in Bloom to achieve such a magnificent result.

Art and Poetry Winners

Art & Poetry Winners in both the Schools and Adults Competitions with the Mayor, Cllr Andy Hampton, Richard Nunn, Chairman, Wimborne in Bloom and Committee Member Susie Gatrell who co-ordinated the competitions.

Once again the Prizegiving was split into two events, the first for both the Schools and Adults Art and Poetry Competitions and secondly the Main Wimborne in Bloom Competition. The Mayor, Cllr. Andy Hampton presented the prizes for both events. Local Nurseries and Garden Centres around the area provided garden vouchers to be spent at their centres for the Main Competition with Wimborne in Bloom providing prizes for the winners in the Art and Poetry Competitions. Mrs Pam Perry continued her support by sponsoring the Poetry Competition which her late husband Cllr John Perry sponsored when he was Town Mayor.

Main Competition Winners

Wimborne in Bloom Adult winners in the Main Competition with the Mayor Cllr. Andy Hampton, Richard Nunn, Chairman, Wimborne in Bloom, Committee Member Susie Gatrell and Secretary John Hare-Brown(on the right)

All prizewinners received a Certificate, these kindly produced and donated by Moose International, Wimborne Town Lodge with special thanks to Michael Randall for preparing them all. The main competition winners also received Trophies in the different categories.

There were two surprise items at the end of the prizegiving. The Sam and Joe's Challenge Bowl was awarded to the Olive Branch for all the support they have given with Litter Picking. The Civic Pride Shield was presented to Susan Dibben for her continuing support with the watering of the barrier boxes on the railings outside the Town Hall and litter picking and weeding the pavements in West Borough. Five Certificates of Excellence from South and South East in Bloom were also presented to Derek and Stella Foote, Chris and Jean Hooker and Rosemary Clarke.

1a. Window Display depicting "Wimborne's Hidden Treasures" (Trophy presented by Wimborne Minster Chamber of Trade)
1 Present Company (Angela Hudson)
2 The Walnut Tree (Jan Mouzer)
3 The Priest's House Museum (Eileen Carter)
2a. Hotel, Guest House, Public House or Restaurant - within Town boundary (Trophy presented by The Daily Echo)
1 The Green Man (Margaret and Andrew Kiff)
2 The Cricketers Arms (Jeremy Walton)
3 No 9 West Borough (Linda Tazzyman)
2b. Hotel, Guest House, Public House or Restaurant - Country Disrict (Trophy presented by Stewarts Nurseries)
2c. Business Premises (not entered in 2a or 2b) (Trophy presented by Canford Crafts Gallery)
1 Tourist Information Centre (Lyndsey Lawrence)
2 Minster Hair Stylists (Eileen Worth)
3 Reflections (Clare Wagstaff)
3. BEST GARDEN OPEN TO THE PUBLIC WHERE AN ENTRANCE FEE IS PAID (Trophy presented by Cllr & Mrs Robin Cook Town Mayor & Mayoress 2006-2007)
1 Wimborne Model Town (Greg Hoare)
2 The Priest's House Museum (Val Baker)
4. BEST CHURCH, CHURCHYARD OR MEMORIAL GARDEN (Trophy presented by Ruth Blaug)
1 Wimborne United Reform Church (Keith Dorling)
2 Minster Church (Margaret Turner)
3 Elim Pentecostal Church (Eric Heylem)
5. BEST SCHOOL GARDENS OR GROUNDS (Trophy presented by Anthony & Christine Oliver)
1 St John's First School (Liz West)
2 Allenbourn Middle School (Derek Brooks)
3 Queen Elizabeth's School (Jan Day)
6a. Annual Garden (Trophy presented by Wimborne Town Lodge of Moose International, in memory of Alec Moore)
1 Garry Hutchings
2 Alan & Janet Rolfe
3 Jenny O'Carroll
6b. Perennial Garden (Trophy presented by Wimborne Town Lodge of Moose International)
1 Geoff & Jill Haywood
2 Kenlis Horitz
=3 Julia Cornborough
=3 Richard Watson
6c. First-time Entry - Own nomination (Trophy presented by the Residents of Coppercourt Leaze)
1 Richard Watson
2 Mrs Moores/Miss Jones
7. BEST BACK GARDEN (Trophy presented by Councillor Mrs. Ivy Ellis - Town Mayor 2002 - 2003)
=1 Richard Sands
=1 Jean Hooker
2 Julia Cornborough
3 Martyn & Kathy Curtler
8. BEST COMMUNAL GARDEN OR GROUP OF HOUSES (Trophy presented by East Boro Housing Trust
1 Malcolm Haynes
2 Suzanne Slade
3 Susan Davies
9a. Best Hanging Basket (Trophy presented by Littlebanks Nursery)
1 Pamela Perkins
2 Anthony Sherman
3 Alan & Janet Rolfe
9b. Best Overall Display - Hanging and/or wall baskets, tubs or containers (Trophy presented by Joy Stride)
1 Susie Gatrell
=2 Sue Cook
=2 Robin Hutchings
=2 Alana & Janet Rolfe
10. BEST DISPLAY SURROUNDING A TOWN SIGN (Trophy presented by Millennium Mayor Cllr. Mrs Diann March)
1 Victoria Road (Stella & Derek Foote)
2 Leigh Road (Ralph Wyatt)
3 Poole Road (Anthony & Christine Oliver)

Art and Poetry Competition Results

The Adult and Schools Competitions for Art and Poetry organised by Wimborne in Bloom have again proved to be a very popular event. The theme for this year was Wimborne's Hidden Treasures and applicants depicted many varied aspects of this theme.

Wimborne in
Bloom Art and Poetry Competition winners
who were able to attend the photocall together with the
Chairman of Wimborne in Bloom Richard Nunn

Wimborne in Bloom Art and Poetry Competition winners who were able to attend the photocall together with the Chairman of Wimborne in Bloom Richard Nunn

For the schools section, Wimborne First School, St John's First School, Pamphill First School and Allenbourn Middle School all submitted entries for the competition. Entries were of a very high standard and it was a difficult task for the judges. Prizes were awarded across the board for all schools and one talented child gained a place in both the Art and Poetry competition.

In the adults section again the standard was high. In the poetry section, Saskia Stephenson gained 1st place, Penny Rogers gained 2nd place and Mike Lawrence 3rd place. In the art section Linda Courtney gained 1st place, Kathleen Connolly 2nd place and Scilla Stuart-Paul 3rd place. Again due to the high level of entrants it was a difficult task for the judges.

The children's art is on display in Wimborne Library and the Adult art can be viewed in the Minster. Both these displays will be exhibited until 14th July.

Prizes will be presented at Allenbourn Middle School on Saturday 20th September.

Wimborne in Bloom wish to thank all entrants for the excellent standard of their work and for supporting these competitions. It has again been a very successful event and confirms the talent of both Wimborne's artists and poets.